Honor of Enterprise

In 2015

Science and technology smes in Jiangsu Province

2015 "Science and Technology smes in Jiangsu Province".

In 2016

Nantong Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition

2016 "Nantong Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition" : "First Prize of Enterprise Group".

Icon Intelligent Equipment Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

2016 "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of ICON Intelligent Equipment" : "Winning Prize".

Xin Zhi "Cup the second Jiangsu science and technology small and medium enterprises

2016 The Second "Xin Zhi" Cup of Jiangsu Science and Technology smes "Top 20 Innovation and Entrepreneurship".

Shi Faquan was named the first Nantong City

In 2016, Shi Faquan was awarded the first "Top Ten New Young Entrepreneurs" in Nantong City.

Intelligent filling system for small dose and high consistency materials

In 2018, "Intelligent Filling System for Small dose and high Consistency Materials" was rated as "China's Good Technology" by China Productivity Promotion Center Association.

In 2018

High-tech enterprise

In 2021, it will be rated as "high-tech Enterprise" and "Private Technology Enterprise of Jiangsu Province".

In 2021

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