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After more than ten years of development, SNT has become a leading brand in the packaging machinery industry and established a leading position in the industry in its field of focus.

Advantage 5

The international cutting-edge technology research and development center covers mechanical structure, automatic control, bioengineering, chemistry and other disciplines. With rich technology accumulation, continuous in-depth research and development, and unique core technologies, it is ready to translate customers' needs into reality.

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Advantage 3

The main drafters of national and industrial standards and the undertakers of key technical projects lead the direction of industrial technology development. Standards are related to the future development direction of the industry. The company participated in drafting a number of standards as the main drafter, fully demonstrating the company's leading position in the industry.

The products of hundreds of equipment models fully cover the main production processes such as molding (bottle blowing), filling, sealing (sealing and cutting), and subsequent packaging, and are suitable for various packaging forms such as plastic cups, plastic boxes, plastic bags, plastic bottles, and plastic barrels with a capacity of less than 20 liters, fully meeting customers' needs for innovative packaging forms.

Advantage 1

The company has nearly 100 advanced precision processing equipment and testing equipment, and is equipped with DNC distributed numerical control transmission system, forming an industry-leading group of information control processing equipment to ensure that more than 95% of mechanical parts are manufactured internally. On the premise of ensuring the quality of parts, the company has high production flexibility, which can meet the urgent delivery needs of customers.

Advantage 4

With years of business accumulation, the company has established a long-term cooperative relationship with downstream industry giants. Their extensive selection and use of the company's products means that the company's technical advantages and product quality have been recognized and trusted by the industry, effectively ensuring the sustainable, healthy and stable development of the enterprise.

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