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"Private" customization opens the "2.0" era of enterprise development

These products are produced by our customers using our machinery." Standing in the exhibition hall of QSmart Machinery Technology Nantong Co., LTD., the company's chairman Shi Faquan proudly introduced to reporters. As an enterprise producing automation equipment, QSmart provides customers with "non-standard + intelligent" customized services, so that the development of enterprises on the fast track.

Into the full wisdom of the production workshop, the reporter saw two employees are cooperating with each other on an assembled liquid filling equipment for testing. "Test it several times to make sure the parameters we set are accurate." QSmart Machinery Technology Nantong Co., LTD. Technical director Gao Haifeng told reporters that the product is a medical device company's non-standard customized order. "Companies come up with what they want, and then we develop and produce what they want."

In the fully intelligent production shop, in addition to the production and testing areas, there is a special display area, which is filled with products ready to be shipped with "intelligent automation system". According to Gao Haifeng, for every order they receive, they will first design according to the customer's requirements for the product and the environment. After receiving the customer's approval, they will also design the production drawings and send them to the workshop for the production debugging. "From raw material ingredients, product packaging to finished products, as well as the whole plant planning and design, product process, equipment complete system, we provide customers with one-stop technical services."

QSmart Machinery Technology Nantong Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Nantong SNT Packaging Machinery Co., LTD. At that time, the products produced by the enterprise were mainly automatic packaging equipment. In 2016, a company that produces cone rollers approached Shi and asked them to help develop a new "packaging system." "At that time, only German and Indian companies could produce this kind of packaging equipment, so we felt a lot of pressure to take the order." Under the leadership of Shi Faquan, the technical team of SNT at that time developed the new packaging equipment successfully and delivered it to customers in 60 days according to the industry experience. It is also with this success, Shi Faquan germinated the idea of transforming the enterprise and embarking on the road of non-standard customization.

In 2019, the brand new "QSmart Machinery Technology Nantong Co., LTD." settled in Rugao High-tech Zone. Non-standard customized "intelligent automation system" production base, let QSmart gradually stand out in the homogenized competition, officially opened the enterprise development of the "2.0" era. "In the beginning, the products we produced were mainly pharmaceutical equipment, but now there are many non-standard customized products in the pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical, biological reagents and other industries, as well as the non-standard transformation of the production equipment of local enterprises." 'In recent years, the company has expanded its business scope to many areas that it didn't have access to before,' Mr. Shi said. What makes him most proud is that the "virus test kit filling production line", "bucket disinfection wipes filling production line" and "disposable gel disinfectant filling production line" developed by the company's technical team have served well-known enterprises such as Wuxi Nesi, Jiangsu Xinkang and BYD. While making new breakthroughs in development, the company has also made due contributions to epidemic prevention and control.

At present, QSmart has more than 40 invention patents and utility model patents. The company was also awarded as a high-tech enterprise in 2021. But for Shi Faquan, QSmart's development has just begun. "Innovation is the foundation of an enterprise, and we will always go down the road of non-standard customization." In the next step, Allwise will continue to improve its R&D and production capacity, expand the market of non-standard customized products in more new areas, and contribute to local economic and social development. Xu Ju-xin, a reporter at Rongmedia

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